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Our Goal is to Save Lives

When it comes to your health, genetic predisposition is only part of the story. Other variables affect your health including environment and lifestyle. You are inundated with pollution, toxins and sun exposure every day. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), if everyone in the United States received recommended preventative screenings and care, 100,000 lives could be saved each year. Your breath holds clues to your health and it may actually save your life one day. 

Your breath will be analyzed and can be stored and re-tested when any new disease signatures  have been discovered. Our monitoring service is like having your own personal team of scientists studying your breath. Each breath monitored will be reevaluated against newly discovered signatures.  You will then be notified of any new information as it is discovered.   As the platform continues to develop, the meaning of chemical changes between samples will be better understood.   This will eventually indicate the onset of disease.  By having your breath history in the platform and self-reporting any disease onset, everyone in the platform will benefit.

The most important goal of this platform is eventual disease eradication, but right now earlier diagnostics of diseases can save lives. 

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#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #volatileanalysis #hudsonalpha

Learn About Our Labs

BreathKeys® is powered by Volatile Analysis Corporation. We have developed a BreathKeys® Certified Lab designation for all the laboratories that have been approved for running the “BreathKeys®” protocols.  Protocols are continuously evaluated and developed in our own analytical laboratories prior to releasing to our BreathKeys® Certified Labs.  Volatile Analysis has been providing analytical chemistry laboratory services since 2007 to some of the top companies around the globe demonstrating its analytical acumen for your personal evaluations.

BreathKeys® Certified Labs are where your breath samples are processed and securely uploaded to the database systems behind BreathKeys® for the machine learning algorithms to be applied. Our certified BreathKeys® labs operate without ever having your personal identification. A unique identifier that ties your sample information to your “My BreathKeys” portal allows for this high level of security.

Scientific Researchers Everywhere are Focused in on Breath Analysis and Disease Detection

Google shows for the keywords “Breath Analysis” – 132,000,000 results. 

#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #hudsonalpha #volatileanalysis
#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #volatileanalysis #hudsonalpha

Google Image Search for Volatile Compounds in Breath Reveals Hundreds of Images of Websites and Articles

#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #volatileanalysis #hudsonalpha

Do you still have questions about the science?

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about BreathKeys. If you do not see your question here, please contact us. 

For BreathKeys, we use technologies to capture volatile an semi-volatile chemicals from the breath. We then extract those chemicals and using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) to analyze the sample to see what chemicals are detected in the breath. Sometimes, we may add a olfactory assessment as part of the breath analysis. 

A compound is made up or consisting of two or more existing parts or elements. 

Organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. 

AI “learns” from your data, reevaluates it and feeds new disease identification and feeds disease eradication. BreathKeys is using a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has been available since the computer age, Machine Learning. Deep data and storage now makes the power of machine learning a useful tool in evaluating the very trace level nuances of differences in sample data that may allow discovery of earlier and earlier disease signatures over time. 

BreathKeys is not making any claims of disease diagnostics today. Specific claims of a disease diagnostic ability historically have required rigorous clinical trials to establish sensitivity and specificity. 

When a breath sample is processed (extracted and its chemical information is captured), meaning the detectible compounds and spectra are determined, this information for that sample date is stored in the database. Then it will be analyzed to determine what known information is there that may provide research insights into a person’s health. Researchers are continuing to add new information about volatile breath chemical signatures and as those are added into the platform. BreathKeys can apply that information to any existing sample data in the platform to reevaluate the new information against the historical sample data. This is very powerful because as against the historical sample data. This is very powerful because as formal disease signatures are established and approved, any stored breath using BreathKeys Monitoring Service can have immediate access for triggering notifications of relevant insights for the customer. 

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