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Meet Karen and her son, Braeden

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 In Memory of Karen, whom we lost January 27, 2019 to Pancreatic Cancer.    

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I have pancreatic cancer…But more important than that, what I have experienced can save lives. Maybe not mine, but many I truly believe can be saved. When I heard about Volatile Analysis Corporation (VAC) and the work they were doing, I had to speak out! Let me tell you my story….
Odor in the breath CAN allow for much earlier diagnosis of disease. Many months prior to any doctor being able to diagnosis my cancer, I asked about a strange odor in my breath that was unusual. No doctor I went to understood my body was crying out with odor as a warning. I was misdiagnosed initially because no current tests were able to “see” my cancer. Once it was found months later, it was so far along three quarters of my pancreas had to be removed. I went into remission for almost two years and no odor… but then…..
I started getting the very same aroma back in my breath. I KNEW my cancer had returned. It was confirmed. Now I am going through Chemotherapy again. My son was offered an intern position with Volatile Analysis Corporation and I know it was meant to happen. This is how I discovered Volatiles and learned there was science behind my experience. I am a testimony it is a breakthrough for earlier diagnostics.
If I had known and been tested with a chewing gum designed to incorporate aroma compounds, I might not be facing the possibilities that I am today.
The statements outlined in this testimonial are “Karen’s” statements and her beliefs. Research continues on a specific Pancreatic Cancer Breath Signature. 

Make Karen's Wish Come True

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