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BreathKeys Mission is to Predict, Detect, and Eradicate Disease

Our mission is to bring a revolution in personal health using the Breath of Life for prediction, detection and eradication of disease. 

This mission will be accomplished through a research population and clinical trial integrated database called BreathKeys. The platform allows for your breath to be studied, evaluated for suspected, and over time, known disease signatures that may be detected through breath. This breakthrough, a direct to consumer disease discovery research platform, is expected to save lives (maybe even yours or someone you love) and eradicate disease in the future. 

For BreathKeys, we use technologies to capture volatile an semi-volatile chemicals from the breath. We then extract those chemicals and using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) to analyze the sample to see what chemicals are detected in the breath. Sometimes, we may add a olfactory assessment as part of the breath analysis. 

A compound is made up or consisting of two or more existing parts or elements. 

Organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. 

AI “learns” from your data, reevaluates it and feeds new disease identification and feeds disease eradication. BreathKeys is using a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has been available since the computer age, Machine Learning. Deep data and storage now makes the power of machine learning a useful tool in evaluating the very trace level nuances of differences in sample data that may allow discovery of earlier and earlier disease signatures over time. 

BreathKeys is not making any claims of disease diagnostics today. Specific claims of a disease diagnostic ability historically have required rigorous clinical trials to establish sensitivity and specificity. 

When a breath sample is processed (extracted and its chemical information is captured), meaning the detectible compounds and spectra are determined, this information for that sample date is stored in the database. Then it will be analyzed to determine what known information is there that may provide research insights into a person’s health. Researchers are continuing to add new information about volatile breath chemical signatures and as those are added into the platform. BreathKeys can apply that information to any existing sample data in the platform to reevaluate the new information against the historical sample data. This is very powerful because as against the historical sample data. This is very powerful because as formal disease signatures are established and approved, any stored breath using BreathKeys Monitoring Service can have immediate access for triggering notifications of relevant insights for the customer. 

Is this Real? Can Breath Reveal Truths about Your Physical Health?

#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #volatileanalysis #hudsonalpha

Dogs can Smell Tumors

Volatile chemicals are what dogs (and humans) smell. Scientists around the world have been investigating using these types of chemicals for mimicking the capabilities of dogs for disease detection. We pre-concentrate volatile chemicals with our BreathKeys technology before we detect, identify, and measure them. Our pre-concentrating technologies help us compete with the incredible sensitivity of a dog’s nose. 

Most people are aware of animals, particularly dogs, extraordinary sense of smell (olfaction). Researchers are employing this biological chemical detector to sniff out disease. Cancer is a prime target. For example, one study found dogs exhibited remarkable sensitivity (90%) and specificity (72%) for lung cancer (1). Another study found similar results and they also successfully detected breast cancer (2). Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have a working dog center and are conducting joint research with the Monell Chemical Senses Center to access dog’s ability to detect ovarian cancer (3). 

Dogs also have demonstrated an ability to diagnose malaria by sniffing the infected person’s socks! (4) Dogs also can provide an alert for low blood sugar, and migraines (5,6). 

In establishing some of the chemical signatures, we also may use our proprietary investigative techniques established for years using olfactory for “knowing” a chemical is present that could be important in finding a “smoking gun” (biomarker) indicative for a particular disease.

Dog’s disease detection ability is what the BreathKeys platform is based on, Volatile and Semi-Volatile Compounds.  We “sniff” out, through analysis, using sophisticated equipment, these chemicals which many have aroma.  We capture, identify, and then compare the chemical information to unfolding research in breath analysis to share with you in your  “My BreathKeys”  portal.


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How Your Breath Becomes a Part of your “My BreathKeys” Portal

Scientists say there are over 1,000 chemicals that can be detected in breath and some of these are common from person to person. However, small differences in compounds may indicate the presence of specific diseases.

We will send you a breath collection kit, and instructions for collecting your breath sample, and how to send it back to us. Our kit is completely non-invasive and pain free. Collection of your breath and/or saliva can be as simple as chewing a piece of gum (or using a pacifier). 

When we receive your sample, our certified labs will analyze the volatile and semi-volatile chemical signature that came from your breath based upon protocols chosen by BreathKeys. The chemistry information is then converted into machine-readable data that is stored in the research-learning platform (not on the web) to be evaluated against known information today. The results will be presented dynamically, when you access your content in your portal (provided by your request for the information when you are signed in). If you have our monitoring service, your breath data will be re-evaluated when new disease signatures are discovered and populated into your secure area when requested. (Pioneer members will receive five years of the monitoring service). You will receive notification of new information by text or email, based upon your preferences. Remember this is a research platform that you are having access to the latest “discoveries” being considered by scientists at the research level. You should always seek a Physician any time you are concerned for your Health!

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Become a Pioneer Member

Your Privacy Matters

You are in control. We will not share your individual data without your explicit consent. 

A federal law (HIPAA) (GINA) provides protection from employer and health insurance discrimination based on these type of analysis. 

We do not provide information to law enforcement or any governmental agency unless we are required to comply with a subpoena or court order. 

#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #volatileanalysis #hudsonalpha
#healthkit #test #science #data #health #research #biotech #bigdata #health #wellness #support #breath #diagnostics #breathkeys #volatileanalysis #hudsonalpha

Your Security Matters

We have measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and ensure appropriate use of your health information.

  • Separate databases keep your health information decoupled from your personally identifiable information, protecting your identity; 
  • External firewalls restrict unauthorized connections to our databases; 
  • All connections to our website are encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

Stay in Touch with BreathKeys.

We would like to send you important product announcements and news. Please subsribe now to stay in touch with us about this exciting breaththrough. 

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